Processing a Purchase Order for 3Play Media

The instructions below explain how to create a purchase order for captioning services using the UC Berkeley master contract with 3Play Media.

We also have a downloadable version of the instructions for you to save to your device. 

Prior to Creating a Purchasing Order

Before creating a PO (purchasing order), you must contact the account executive via the UC Portal site to set up an online account for your department with 3Play Media.

UC Portal Site:

Address: 34 Farnsworth Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA  02210-1209

Phone: (617) 764-5189 x1


General Website:  

To get pricing for services, please use your department’s online 3Play Media account to select a payment option. There are two pricing options for captioning with 3Play Media: 

  • Pay as you go: Contact the account rep for a quote. Pay the standard rate, as outlined in the Master Service Agreement. You will be invoiced once per month once work has been processed.
  • Prepay Volume Purchase: In your 3Play Media Account, prepay 200 or more hours of service which goes into your account as nonrefundable credit that you can use for up to 2 years. Upload the video you would like captioned. Once the work has been completed, you will be invoiced right away.
    • To save money, consider talking to your department manager about volume purchasing which offers discounts for services

Once you have set up your department account and have a quote, use BearBuy to create your PO.

 Creating a PO

  1. On the BearBuy homepage (, click on the Service Order Request button to open the form in a new window

"Frequently Used Forms" with "Services and Non-Tangible Items" circled in red.

  1. In the form search for supplier "3Play Media Inc" in the Enter Supplier textbox

  2. Once the supplier box is populated, click on the select contract link to open up a window that lists any existing contracts with the supplier (to view the Master Service Agreement for 3Play Media, click on the More Info link next to the supplier info). Bearbuy screen showing 3Play contract selection
  3. Select contract # 002565-AUG2021(Captioning and Transcription Services) and hit the OK button which will close the popup window

  4. In the Service Order Request, enter details for the service. In the Description box, include what project the service was used for and the time frame for the project. Fill out the text boxes for price, campus department contact name, service start date, and service end date.

  5. At the bottom of the form, you can attach a quote, as an attachment, if you have one.

  6. When you have completed the form, select Add and go to Cart from the Available Actions and click Go to go to the cart

  7. In the Shopping Cart page, you can change the cart name and add a description if necessary. If the cart is prepared for another person, click Select a different user to enter the user for whom the cart is created.

  8. Click View Cart Details in the upper righthand corner to view the cart summary.

  9. In the cart details page, make sure the Org Node, Shipping, and Accounting Codes sections are correct.

  10. If you need to add any internal or external attachments, you can use the Cart Details page to do so.

    1. The Internal Attachments section allow for attachments of necessary supporting documents which will not be sent to the supplier.
    2. The External Attachments section provides another location for adding supporting documents. Attachments in this section are distributed to the supplier via fax or email.
  11. Click Submit or Assign Cart in the upper righthand corner to submit the cart and create a requisition number.

    1. Submitting a Cart: Users can click the submit button when the requisition is ready for submission. The requisition will be sent to the appropriate step based on the Org Node entered on the cart. Once the requisition is submitted, you can check the status at any time using the View My Orders link within the Shop menu icon.
    2. Assigning a Cart: Users can click the assign button when the requisition needs to be seen/approved by another individual not on the official workflow. This includes budget officers, principal investigators, Managers, Budget Managers, etc. The individuals who receive these assigned carts are called Cart Authorizers. Cart Authorizers can edit the cart before they submit the cart.
  12. One the requisition is submitted, a PO will be processed shortly and sent to the vendor.
  13. Any invoice you receive will need to be submitted to disbursements for payment processing.