Creating Accessible Word Files

The crux of creating an accessible files is to ensure that the original document is structured properly for those with disabilities. Students with visual disabilities rely on their screenreader to understand the text on a document or on a website which will then read aloud the text on the page. Accessible files for students allow an equal access to course content so that all students can excel. 

Below are versions of guides from NCDAE for creating accessible Word files.

For more specific topics for creating accessible Microsoft Word documents, please see Microsoft's guides below.

Want to Convert to PDF?

After you've fininished creating a Word document and you'd like to convert the  file to PDF, please see the NCDAE and UCOP guides below. When creating a word document, ensure that files are created with embedded structure prior to converting to a PDF. Once converted to PDF format, use Acrobat's Accessibility Check to run through how accessible your file is.