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This Accessible Course Materials Initiative is being undertaken in partnership by Educational Technology Services (ETS), the Disabled Students Program (DSP), IS&T Web Access Team, the Library, Berkeley Resources Center for Online Education (BRCOE), and the Center for Teaching and Learning.


The purpose of the Accessible Course Materials Initiative is to provide help and guidance to the campus community in ensuring that course materials delivered in digital form are accessible to all students. In digital documents, the absence of document structure, image descriptions, color contrast, table navigation, etc. can pose major barriers to students, such as those who rely on screen readers or screen magnification. Remediation and conversion of existing inaccessible course material is one approach to the problem. A better approach is to design accessible content from the start. This website provides help for both approaches. Where possible, the guidance we offer on this website is in the spirit of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a pedagogical framework that promotes flexibility in accommodating learners’ individual needs and differences.

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The Library

"We recommend linking to public domain, library-licensed, or open-access online content rather than uploading copyrighted materials to your course site when possible." -The Library

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Web Accessibility Team

"The University of California is committed to making electronic technologies fully accessible on all campuses." -Web Access Team

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Disabled Students Program

"While the primary focus and mission of DSP is to serve documented disabled students, DSP staff also work closely with faculty, as well as administrators and staff to build a more accessible learning environment. As instructors, by choosing class materials that require the least amount of extra effort to convert into accessible formats, you support our mandate to make all of our courses welcoming to the broadest range of students possible." -DSP

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Educational Technology Services

      "ETS enhances and supports the UC Berkeley academic experience by providing essential, responsive and innovative technology services." -ETS

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Disability Access & Compliance

Disability Access & Compliance (DAC) connects the UC Berkeley community with the resources, training, evaluative tools, and services that support equal access to students, staff, faculty, and visitors with disabilities to participate in university-sponsored non-course-related programs or activities.

Disability Access & Compliance

Digital Learning Services

"As members of the Berkeley community who care deeply about serving the university, we meld our expertise in online learning with broader institutional goals and values." -DLS

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The Center for Teaching and Learning

"The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty to inspire, enrich, and innovate UC Berkeley's collective practice and pursuit of teaching excellence."