UC Berkeley is committed to providing accessible course content to all students, regardless of disability. There are many departments on campus available to assist faculty on how to create accessible course content and how to transform inaccessible content into accessible forms. Below is a chart of available faculty support options on campus.

Department Service/Resource Description Contact Information Website URL
University of California Accessibility Policy Online resource with additional guides and information for web accessibility Accesibility Policy website Accesibility Policy website
ETS (Educational Technology Services) Sensus Access

A self-service solution that automates the conversion of documents into a large range of alternative formats such as mp3, e-books, Braille, and Daisy.

Used to convert inaccessible documents (such as image-only pdf files) to more accessible formats.

sensusaccess-support@berkeley.edu Sensus Access
IST (Information Services & Technology) Web Access Website Resources A list of helpful resources to start you off with web accessibility and creating an accessible website for your users. webaccess@berkeley.edu Web Access Resources 
Web Access Self Assessment Tools A list of various tools for discovering issues with your website and course content. webaccess@berkeley.edu Self-Assessment Tools 
Library Accessible Library Resources  "Start your search" on the Library homepage includes online articles and eBooks, as well as print materials, many of which are fully accessible. 

Research Help


Start Your Search

Self-Service Scanners Self-service scanners are available to all UC Berkeley affiliates to scan, email, print, and/or save accessible files to one's USB drive or various cloud accounts.

Research Help


Self-Service Scanners
Help Creating Online Readers in bCourses Get help finding and linking to accessible readings, materials, and other content for your bCourses sites.



Add Course Readings to bCourses
Media Resources Center Assists instructors in locating captioned videos as well as captioning short clips.


Library's Streaming Video Collections
Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education (BRCOE) Accessibility Hub BRCOE partners with schools and departments throughout the university to facilitate online education activities. onlinesupport@berkeley.edu BRCOE Accessibility Hub